Hi, I'm Summer. 

I like liking things. I like a lot of things, but I especially like animals, sad songs, seeing movies in the theater, the Houston Astros, first kisses, and the sweet + soft parts of the internet.

I am the Executive Creative Director at BuzzFeed, managing the incredible team that makes our native advertising. Previously at BuzzFeed I founded BFF, a team at BuzzFeed that made original art and short video on social networks and platforms, and before that I was the Managing Editorial Director — and once upon a time I was BuzzFeed's first Weekend Editor!

Before I started at BuzzFeed and moved to Brooklyn in 2012, I lived in Austin Texas. I was a freelance illustrator and writer who contributed to ESPN: The Magazine, The Hairpin, Fangraphs, The Classical, and more. I have also been a waitress, barista, bookseller, toy store clerk, advertising manager, hair salon receptionist, a writer at a now defunct website for tweens, and a stablehand.

I love taking on weird little projects. My favorite is Every Hall of Famer, a blog where I am drawing every single member of the National Baseball Hall of Fame. I just wrapped season one of my BuzzFeed podcast, The Tell Show. I also have a semi-retired (but about to be revitalized!) email newsletter called SWAK, and a defunct music blog full of weird old songs I love called ShooBopSoulTown.

Sometimes my hair is pink. I was unschooled from fourth grade through high school. I grew up on the internet and I made my first personal website in 1997; it included the first ever Lady and the Tramp fansite on the web. I once gave a presentation on emoji semiotics. I go see every movie in theaters, sometimes twice (sometimes nine times). I like books, especially overly ambitious debut novels. I've been a vegetarian for 20+ years and a vegan for two, and I've gotten really good at making vegan versions of my favorite comfort foods (mostly queso). I have four tattoos: a watermelon slice with birthday candles, a sloth named Herman, a mixtape to honor my friend Esme, and the word "heart" to match my best girl Mandy. My two cats are Irwin and Kristofferson, and they are very handsome.

A colleague once described me as "terrifyingly kind," and I take that as an enormous compliment.