On my first kiss, for my Tumblr:

We spent the next four years together, more or less turning into grown-ups, and I went through some other firsts — the ones you’re thinking of, plus firsts like “first time someone you love tells you they’re in love with someone else,” and “first time you wake someone up in the middle of the night because you’re crying and they get mad instead of hugging you and you feel like there is a cavernous difference between you and the person you’re closest to in the world,” and “first trip together” and “first month apart” and “first time you see that your mom loves the person you love as a son and wants the two of you to be happy together forever and it makes you want that too, so much” and “first time you forgive someone for things you never could have imagined forgiving someone for,” and “first time you are broken up with by someone with the flu,” and “first time you kiss someone who broke your heart,” and “first time you go from feeling that falling out of love is an oxymoron to feeling like it happened when you weren’t even paying attention.”